Writing for the Web

This weeks lecture was about writing for the web. I have learned about using HTML and JavaScript for web design in my course before, but this week we were learning about webpage layout and how to write articles online. Here … Continue reading

My First Post!

So this is my first ACTUAL blog post. I’ll be posting each week on what I’ve learnt so far in the Creative Digital Media course I am taking. I hope that you can learn from my blog and maybe inspire you to get creative with making your own blog, creating a podcast or uploading your own digital images. This is what I will be posting on here and you can all follow my progress in the course.

My first post is meant to have a video in it so here is a video of Tomorrowland, the festival I mentioned in my about page, which you can check out and see why I hope to be returning next year. You can see how influential this form of digital media is and how every time I watch it I get chills thinking back to my trips there.