Aperture task for the week.

This weeks task was the digital photography assignment. We had to demonstrate the depth of field by changing the aperture settings on the camera. Of course you are not able to just change the aperture to get a good picture. The ISO and the shutter speed must also be changed to get a clear image. With the weather being bad this week it was hard to find a time to go out and get some decent pictures of the images I wanted to shoot, however, this evening was not too bad. I headed over to the beacon south quarter where there is some amazing graffiti artwork to be found.

Here is a gallery of the pictures I took. I think the artwork is quite interesting and I was hoping to capture it well. I tried out loads of different aperture settings, ISO settings, and shutter speeds to try and get a feel for my camera. I used an ISO setting of 1600 for all of my images as this is the optimum setting for dark outdoor scenes on my camera.

In the first image in the gallery, I used an aperture setting of f4 and a shutter speed of 1/15. I found this captured the whole scene well.

In the fourth image, I wanted to create some motion blur on the people walking past so I used an aperture setting of f22 and a shutter speed of 0.5. The shutter speed is what created the blur in scene, as it controlled how long the light was let into the lens for.

In the fifth image, I wanted to highlight the monkey art in the front and blur out the background so I used an aperture setting of f22 and a shutter speed of 1/60.

In the last four images, I wanted to show how changing the aperture could slowly reveal the full scene. I started with an aperture of f22. I then moved onto f16. For the last one I used f4. You can see the skeleton being revealed in the background of the picture as I changed these settings.

After completing this task, I fully understand how the aperture settings on a camera work. By changing this setting, I was controlling the amount of light that was let into the camera lens. This allowed me to capture a whole scene and highlight a particular area of a scene. The higher the f stop number, the less light is let into the lens and the lower the f stop number, the more light is let into the lens. I hope you like the photos I captured! Stay tuned for more posts!


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