Photography Task: Portrait or Landscape?

Hi Guys! For this weeks photography task we had to take a picture shifting between portrait and landscape to show how it can improve the framing of a picture. I went out into my back garden in the house to demonstrate this. After taking a few shots, I was able to pick up on a few different things. Here are the images I took.

LandscapeHere is the landscape image I took. The landscape image is wider and has a view of the whole scene. For taking pictures like this, you hold the camera horizontally. Taking pictures in this format is usually better for taking pictures of scenery, as you don’t cut off parts of the view. You need to think about the composition and see if the scene will look better in landscape or portrait. I feel this one looked a lot better in landscape.


The second image here is the same scene except this time in portrait mode. The camera is held vertically for capturing an image like this. For a photograph of a landscape, I think it looks better in landscape orientation as this image looks cut off and does not capture the full scene. Taking a picture of a person can look better in portrait mode as it gets rid of distracting material in the background. Portrait orientation frames a picture which is good for head shots or close ups.


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