Creating a Digital Media Presentation

presentationsHi everyone, I’m back with another post! This weeks lecture was about preparing us for making an online digital presentation. Our presentation does not need to be done orally, so I will be designing mine in Prezi, an online presentation maker with a lot more animation than PowerPoint to make up for the lack of talking. I am very familiar with Prezi as I have used it for many college presentations that I have done before, so there was nothing new for me to learn this week.

Getting that nervous pit in the stomach feeling before presenting!

Here are my tips for planning a presentation. First off, you need to decide what key message you want to deliver to the audience. You want to make sure you can hold their attention for the short amount of time you have while giving a presentation. You should then write down everything what you feel is relevant to the topic you want to talk about. I would then select the platform you want to make your presentation on e.g. Prezi, PowerPoint etc. You should then go about designing how you want each slide laid out. When you have selected a theme for each slide, you should write down bullet points for each and put those in the slide. Bullet points are the best for slides, as a wall of text will intimated people. I would always make mine interactive but be careful not to have too much animation as it can be distracting from the message you want to deliver. The final thing I would suggest and what I’m sure everyone else who’s done a presentation before would say….PRACTICE!! There is nothing worse than sitting listening to a group who have clearly not rehearsed before.

preziSo when you have decided what content you want to put into each slide, its time to choose where you want to create your presentation. As I’ve said before, Prezi is my favourite place to make a presentation. Its free to signup, so all you need to do is to create an account, log in and click ‘New Prezi’ and you’re ready to go! Prezi lets you create a blank canvas for you to do whatever you want or else choose an available theme. If you are working with a blank Prezi, you can create any shape slide by clicking ‘Draw bracket frame’ or ‘Draw circle frame’. You can also insert images, music and videos. YouTube videos can be added by inserting the URL of the video into the slide. When you are making a Prezi, be careful not to over animate it because you want to avoid the sea sickness effect it can give people.

There are of course other alternatives to Prezi such as PowerPoint, or even Google Docs which allows you to make a presentation for free online. There is also another site run by Mozilla called Popcorn Maker. It can be used to mashup all off your videos and images without you having to know how to program(handy for those of you that don’t). You can then embed this mashup on other pages. Here is the link to this page.

That’s all for this week. I will be creating my presentation during the week and hope to have it up soon. I will be putting it up on my digital presentation page so be sure to check it out.

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