Social Media Tools

Hi again! This weeks lecture was about social media tools you can use to promote your blog and also how to integrate them with your blog. There are so many different social media sites that you can use, the most common being Facebook or Twitter.

It’s all so social media

social mediaWhat does this term social media even mean? Most of you probably already know but for those of you that don’t, social media can be a website or an application that is used for exchanging content created by you online. It allows you and others to interact with the content that you share. You can be the broadcaster and you can be the audience at the same time.  Basically it is a conversation between you and other people online.

There are many different uses for social media. One of the main reasons many of you use social media sites is to keep in contact with all your friends online. It is great if you have family living abroad as it is an easy way of communicating with them. This can be done on sites such as Facebook or MySpace.

For businesses too

Businesses also use social media as a way of connecting with their customers. Social media allows them to advertise their brand to customers online by any social media site such as Twitter. It also allows customers to communicate easily with a company, as they can keep in contact with them on these sites.

linkedinSocial media sites can be used as a way of networking with other workers online. For example, LinkedIn is a site which allows you to create a profile for yourself saying where you have worked and what education you have. It is basically an online CV. There are many people signed up to this site who work for different companies and it allows you to connect with them. It also allows companies to scope out if you have the right skills for a job they might be advertising for.

Have you seen this thing on Reddit?

redditMany people, including me, use social media sites for pure entertainment reasons. Reddit is one of my favourite sites for browsing stories, pictures or videos that people have put online. It is also a great place for people to advertise or even for just wanting to discuss something they are having an issue with. It is a social media site that does so much. You can interact with lots of different people online by an anonymous username.

twitter facebookThe great thing about using any kind of social media site is that they allow you to promote yourself. For example, you can link up your blog to your Twitter account and every time you publish a post, a tweet will appear with the first few words of your post and a follow link so people can come and view your work. It is a great way of promoting your blog so that you don’t feel you are just writing to yourself. The aim is to get people to come and read it so you should take advantage of adding any social media sites you are using to promote your blog.

Of course there are also downsides to using social media sites such as online bullying and also “cyber stalking” but if they are used in the right way they can be a very valuable tool. All of these sites are essentially started the same way. Simply create a profile about yourself and get going! Here are a couple of links to my favourite sites to get you started if you haven’t already:




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