Digital Asset Management

digital imageHi everyone 🙂 this semesters last and final lecture was about digital asset management. In the lecture, we looked at creating and publishing eBooks, video podcasting and some other useful tools. A digital asset is any media or text file that allows anybody to use it. Digital asset management does exactly what it says, the management of those digital assets.

What is EPUB?

An EPUB is an open-source format for the publication of eBooks. An EPUB based epubeBook is made up of a file containing several other files that are stored together using the zip format. This allows publishers to use them in the office and also for distribution and sale. These files include everything that a normal book contains such as a table of contents or details about your book. EPUBs use HTML to store the text. Here you can format the text to be used on particular eReaders.

calibre softwareSigil is an open-source editor and available for free download. It has a simple interface for creating eBook files. It can be used on any operating environment which means if you want to send a file from a Windows PC to a Mac, the files do not have to be converted. Sigil allows WYSIWYG(what you see is what you get)editing and also code based editing for eBooks. There is a table of contents generator function built-in and also a metadata editor. Calibre is another open-source software that is available to download for free and is for managing eBooks on your computer. It can also sync those eBooks to your eReader. Calibre allows you to organise your eBooks into categories. The content of your Calibre library can be accessed anywhere by the web application. Scrivener is a commercial word-processing program designed for writers. It provides a management system for documents, notes, metadata.

Information graphics has become very popular in recent years. You might ask what istoronto subway map information graphics? They are graphic visual representations of information that can be complex to make it easier to understand. Graphics should reveal data you want to convey. It allows you to present very large numbers in a small space. It can make large pieces of data viewer friendly. It encourages you to compare different data sets. Examples include when you take a poll online and afterwards the results are displayed in a pie chart, or even something like a subway map, which could be very difficult to figure how to get from place to place if you didn’t have the simple map.

vodcastingVideo podcasting, videocasts, or vodcasts are made up of a video file with an RSS feed. It is a forum for video bloggers(vloggers), film makers or even people who just like making movies. Making a vodcast is simple. All you need to do is film your video, upload it to your computer, find a host and promote your video. A lot of people may use sites such as YouTube. Here you will find many vloggers. I found this really interesting website, video podcast network, which contains loads of online vodcasts from a lot of vloggers or film makers you may have heard of already.

You can store and upload your video in any of the following formats. MOV is a QuickTime quicktimeformat used for Mac’s. MPEG is a compressed video file as mentioned in one of my previous posts on here. MPEG-2 is a standard for the generic coding of moving pictures and associated audio information. MPEG-4 includes compression of AV data for the web. You can read about all the types of compression formats in one of my blog posts about it here.

video editingVideo editing can be essential to creating that finished product. You want to make your vodcast interesting to make sure you gain followers. Before you go doing all the editing, have you heard of the video safe area? What you see in the viewfinder when filming does not necessarily represent what will be in the final frame of your video. Some parts of the frame may not make it through, so be sure to avoid the edges of the frame. Any information that must be contained in your video should be a good distance from the edge to ensure it will be in the final product. Next you can upload and start editing. You can apply cool effects to your videos, trim out unwanted parts and add background music if you wish to. Most laptops and desktops come equipped with some kind of video editing software such a Windows Live Movie Maker on a PC or iMovie on a Mac.

A transcription of your video is important to add into the final product. You many have seen this feature before when you are looking at a video on YouTube. It allows you to turn on captioning for your video. It is basically like a script of the audio of your video. You should be sure to add captioning to your video, as it should be accessible for everyone. You can find a list of free captioning software to choose from on this website.

Have you heard of this cool video app Vine? If not, the doors that way

Vine is a new trend that took off this year. For those of you who don’t know about Vine, where have you been the past year?? It is a handy little mobile vineapp that allows you to create 6 second video clips. Wow only six seconds?! That’s not a lot of time! Oh but if you’ve seen some of the Vine videos, you’ll be amazed at what people can come up with in that little amount of time. Some of my favourite Viners include Vincent Marcus who does great impressions of famous people and cartoons or Thomas Carpino who makes all round funny videos. It was acquired by twitter and can be used on any smart phone so go on, get Vining.

If you are interested in film making a site that is worth looking at is the No Film School website. To quote them “No Film School is by filmmakers for filmmakers”. It is a great website to help you get started into the world of film making. There are lots of tutorials, interviews with filmmakers, information about the technology you need and also short films that could be of interest to the budding filmmaker.

Well that was my last blog post about my lectures 😦 . Thank you all for following and stayed tuned for my reflective piece. Until then, bye for now 🙂

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