Aperture Task

After gaining a better understanding of my camera, I decided to redo my aperture task. I found out I could set my camera to aperture priority mode which helped for this task. I also found out that with the lens I have, 18-55mm, you would not be able to focus on different areas of a large picture, because the size of the area I was trying to take was too big for my lens. I would need a zoom lens of 55-250mm. So with the equipment I have, I decided to take up close pictures of flowers in a vase. Here are the results.

f 11  IMG_1325   f  4.5 IMG_1324


Shutter Speed Task

Speed 1/8 1/8     Speed 2″  2  Speed 1/125 1/125



Portrait and Landscape

Portrait Portrait  Landscape Landscape


Retouch Pro Challenge

Before restore challenge 60  After restore part 2


For the digital photography task, I chose the topic of urban culture. Here are the pictures I took around Dublin city.

Urban Culture


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